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“At Hello Wellness I believe you can live in Wellness the moment you decide to. Wellness is a state of mind, it is a mindset. It’s a decision about how you see yourself. It’s just knowing how to switch this on in yourself” – Melina

Hello Wellness is a powerful method that teaches clients how to achieve a mindset of wellness. A mindset of wellness means healthier choices become normal.

Hello Wellness is for anybody who wants to improve their well-being.  Whether you need to drop weight, get fitter, eat healthier, manage stress, improve energy levels, feel calmer, balance moods, find purpose in your life, connect with yourself and others, improve sleep patterns or just feel generally better, Hello Wellness’s practical process will provide you with strategies, practices and processes that support your journey to the best you possible.

Based on this, Hello Wellness provides clients with intuitive thinking, planning strategies and practical processes that support all facets of wellness choices. My methodology is designed to move clients from unconscious behaviour patterns and habits that do not serve them, to a conscious responsibility for all health choices. This methodology empowers clients to consciously live in wellness.

This method is put into a program that is realistic, easy and doable.

Melina’s Hello Wellness program is accessible through private consultation at Melina’s clinic and at Melina’s retreats and seminars.

Melina’s next retreat is on 13th/14th January at The Vineyard Hotel, Newbury. Click here for details.

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“I created Hello Wellness to work in REAL lives, or what’s the point, right?”- Melina