Hello Wellness Program

Hello Wellness

Wellness for Absolutely Everybody

For people of all ages who have their whole life ahead of them!

Hello Wellness was created from work Melina Harrison is doing in America in the field of Wellness.  Melina is co-creator of Hello Gorgeous Retreats. She co-hosts these retreats with New York Times bestselling author Sophie Uliano in Miami and California. Hello Wellness is the UK version of this.

Hello Wellness is a powerful wellness program that is delivered through small group seminars, workshops, one to one consultations and online support.

Life is busy, so the Hello Wellness program is offered with a variety of attendance options to suit your life style. You can attend over a weekend with private consultations either side of this at a time to suit. There is an eight week program or you can do the whole program through a series a private one to one consultations to suit your diary.

You will learn how to make life-changing wellness choices. Hello Wellness is the answer to you becoming the best version of you imaginable. Once you are in, you’re in it for life and you will be supported in being the healthiest and happiest version of YOU possible.

Melina says; ‘Life is not a rehearsal, and we owe it to ourselves, and those we love, to take exceptional care of ourselves. Hello Wellness takes you to the next level of this…trust me!!!!’
Ultimately, Hello Wellness will be life changing for you. We achieve this by addressing the nutritional, physical and mindset changes that you’ve been dying to make for years. This is a simple, easy program that works!

The Hello Wellness Program gives you:

  • A personal daily Wellness plan
  • A nutrition program built just for you
  • A mindfulness meditation practice (a bit Los Angeles, but go with me on this!)
  • A personal physical program (designed for YOUR body and life-style)

We do this for you through;

  • In depth, small group seminars and workshops and ‘homework’
  • One to one wellness consultations with Melina to truly personalise your program
  • A structural examination of your body by one of Melina’s senior osteopaths
  • Life time support from our like-minded attendees and closed group online community
  • A head full of positivity and ‘I can…’

Focus areas

  • In-depth self-analysis
  • Developing a clear simple mindset and forgetting extreme crazy health fads forever.
  • Nutrition based on real whole food.
  • Challenging activity that gives you boundless energy.


“I feel passionately that you can easily do everything Hello Wellness teaches you in your real life, or what’s the point, right?”- Melina

Hello Wellness is for everyone of every age. Whether you need more energy and vitality, you want to lose weight or you want to look and feel better; you are invited.  You may just want honest, realistic help learning how to take great care of yourself or you may be having a full-blown health crisis. Hello Wellness addresses all of the above and more…

The Hello Wellness program is unique: It’s designed for people who need a re-set. Space to step away from the treadmill of life, to escape work mentality, family expectations and everyday pressures to reassess, re-imagine and renew themselves on a deep level. Melina’s mission is to have every person complete her program with the kind of vitality, strength and hope that they left behind years ago.

“As an osteopath, I have seen first-hand what happens when we don’t prioritise caring for our body, our machine! We get one body to take us through our time, we should be treating it like gold” – Melina

Here is what some of Melina’s American Clients have to say;

“I really feel it was life changing. I learned so much and had so much fun learning it. I met gorgeous like-minded women. I discovered things about myself that I had totally forgotten. I prioritized myself for a few days and came home a better version of me. Thank you Sophie and Melina.” – Tara

“The Hello Gorgeous retreat was amazing for so many reasons. I gained new perspective on life, whilst having fun, learning so much about fitness, health, beauty and spirit. The energy of all the women was phenomenal. Choosing this retreat felt right in my gut. I am so glad I chose to do it.” – Lisa

“The most profound part for me was when I got home. I came home feeling truly euphoric and have felt like this ever since. I can even feel it rubbing off on my family. I have truly come alive again.” – Jen

Places on each course are limited due to the personal time required with each client.

Attendance options and fees


Weekend Retreat

Fees are priced per retreat

The Hello Wellness Program is delivered to a small group of people at a beautiful hotel spa (not too far away).
Arrive early Saturday morning and straight on with yoga, meditation, lectures, workshops. After a beautiful healthy lunch, more activities including one to one consultations with program creator Melina. Luxuriate in the spa whilst you absorb the Hello Wellness concepts. Enjoy a beautiful evening supper as a group (laugh a lot) and be ready for a fun after dinner activity! On Sunday, we start with yoga and meditation and head back into lectures and works shops. We focus on personalising our programs and selecting what is right for you. No two Hello Wellness plans are the same (because we are all different). Another healthy lunch. Consolidate and Q&A time. Join our closed FB group and farewells to like-minded friends!
What’s included*

  • The whole Hello Wellness program
  • Breakfast (day 2)
  • 2 course healthy lunch (both days)
  •  Three course dinner (day 1)
  • Luxury Double room
  • Full use of spa facilitates

*this may differ at each retreat depending on hotel

What’s not included

  • Travel to and from the retreat
  • Alcohol
  • Upgrades
  • Hotel extras


Hello Wellness Private consultation program £450

This includes one 45-minute consultation with a Harrison Clinic senior osteopath, scheduled to suit. Attendance at one 30-minute and four 60-minute consultations with Melina.


Additional one to one consultations (optional) £80

One hour private consultations with Melina by special arrangement. Available to those who have completed any Hello Wellness program.


Proposed dates

The Hello Wellness private consultation program is available from November 2017.

Weekend retreat January 2018.

To register your interest or sign up please contact clinic reception.

 Contact us by email or call 0118 976 2253